New Filler Created with Cheek Area in Mind

New Filler Created with Cheek Area in Mind

By |March 21st, 2014|Dermal Fillers|

As some of you may know, our newest aesthetic filler, JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA™ XC, received its FDA approval recently. This new addition to the JUVÉDERM family of fillers has created much excitement at our Miami office and across the cosmetic world. VOLUMA is a hyaluronic acid product, similar to JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and BELOTERO BALANCE®. Hyaluronic acid is the gel that is naturally found in our joints and is the cushion for our collagen in the skin. Though new to the United States, VOLUMA is already approved in more than 50 other countries.

While it is similar to other products we offer, VOLUMA does have some differences.

  • VOLUMA is constructed specifically to provide a lifting effect and is the first filler to receive an indication from the FDA for the cheek area. Specifically, it is indicated for “age-related volume loss in the cheek.”
  • VOLUMA is also expected to last longer than some of our other HA fillers. In the FDA trials, VOLUMA lasted 2 years in the cheek area.

Though the cheek area is a new FDA indication for filler, at our dermatology practice, we have been using fillers in the cheek area for years. In fact, Dr. Frederic Brandt trademarked the Can-Ulift technique, where we use blunt-tipped cannulas to inject filler with little to no downtime or bruising. Optimal and durable results with VOLUMA and any other filler depend on the injection technique.

How nice it is to now have a filler that is designed with the cheek area in mind, with lifting capacity, and which lasts for 2 years. VOLUMA has been the perfect new addition to our cannula technique, allowing us to lift the face even more effectively. We have already injected hundreds of syringes of VOLUMA with amazing results and are currently finding more ways to use this product in others areas of the face. We are happy to welcome VOLUMA to our practice and to report that our results over the last 6 months are as impressive as we imagined they would be!

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