Laser Scar Therapy in Miami

Laser Scar Therapy

Scars can be a source of self-consciousness and even physical pain, whether caused by acne, surgery, or injury. Our versatile laser technology is an excellent way to soften or eliminate unsightly scars. When you visit our dermatology offices for laser scar treatment in Coral Gables, and Miami, your treatment will be performed by one of our experienced board-certified dermatologists.

Physical and Emotional Relief

Scars are formed when the wound-healing process is disrupted by certain factors such as too much or too little collagen production. Pulses of laser energy coagulate scar tissue and encourage the skin to repair itself with healthy new tissue.

Our fractional Cynosure Icon™ 1540 nm Erbium: Glass XD/XF and Fraxel 1550 nm DUAL laser is safe for all skin types and effectively reduces the appearance of most common types of scars. The fractional lasers can even improve the appearance of normally formed surgical scars.

We also offer a variety of other treatment options for redness of scars and stretch marks (striae), such as the Excel V KTP laser by Cutera laser and VBeam Perfecta laser. Your physician will help you determine the most beneficial treatment plan for your skin.

For older scars or treatment resistant scars, we offer the Lumenis Ultrapulse Active/Deep FX carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. Our board certified dermatologists also skillfully combine laser with steroid and 5-fluorouracil injections to provide outstanding results for our patients.

Your Treatment

laser-scar-removalOften less painful and less invasive than surgical scar removal, laser treatment can reduce the appearance of scars by 50 to 80%; in addition, it can help prevent recurrence. As with our other laser and light treatments, scar removal is a quick, simple office procedure performed by one of our board-certified dermatologists.

Topical or injected anesthesia may be used for your comfort. Our fractional laser technology impacts pinpoint fractions of the scar tissue with each treatment session, leaving alternating areas unaffected to provide noticeable improvement with minimal healing time. The laser tip cools the skin as it delivers the pulse of energy so that the treatment is more comfortable. For about 2 or 3 days after the procedure, your treated scars may look mildly red and warm as if they’ve been sunburned. With most treatments you can return to normal activities immediately without any downtime. Several sessions may be needed to achieve maximum improvement.

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