A Tribute

The associates and staff are profoundly saddened by Dr. Brandt’s passing. He was one of the country’s leading dermatologists and pioneered the use of injectable fillers and botulinum toxin with his innovative and cutting-edge techniques.

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Age Spots – What They Are and How to Treat Them

age spots dermatologist

The name is unflattering and their appearance is unsightly. Age spots (solar lentigines, medically) are also known as liver spots and sun spots, but whatever their name, you want them gone. What are age spots? They are painless, flat discolorations of the skin, usually brown, black, or gray, that most often occur…

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White Wine Increases Skin Inflammation in Women


A new report in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology confirms what your board-certified dermatologists at Skin Associates of South Florida have suggested to our patients for years: consumption of alcohol, particularly white wine and liquor, can increase the risk of rosacea in women.

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Botox for Depression?

botox for depression

In the world of dermatology and cosmetic surgery, everyone knows that Botox works to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles. But did you know studies have demonstrated…

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