Laser Tattoo Removal in Miami

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser therapy is one of the most exciting treatments for removing tattoos and other unwanted pigment in the skin. Our board-certified dermatologists use only the most up to date and most effective technology for laser tattoo removal at our Coral Gables center. Through training and experience, our board-certified dermatologists provide maximum results while minimizing impact to the surrounding skin.

Erasing the Past

Lasers remove tattoos by emitting a specialized light that is passed through the skin and preferentially absorbed by the tattoo inks in the skin. The laser causes the pigments to break down and disappear, leaving you with smooth, clear skin. Skin Associates of South Florida is proud to offer the revolutionary picosecond technology Enlighten Laser by Cutera. Picosecond lasers are a dramatic improvement over traditional longer-pulsed nanosecond lasers. What this means is that our patients enjoy tattoo clearance with fewer treatments than ever. We are able to treat all colors and types of tattoo ink, even greens, blues, and blacks, to give our patients complete tattoo removal at our Miami area office. Enlighten by Cutera also effectively removes pigmented lesions like freckles and age spots.

Your Treatment

Laser Tattoo Removal

When it comes to removing a tattoo, it’s important to choose an experienced doctor who has a complete understanding of the skin. All of the laser and light treatments at our offices are performed by board-certified dermatologists who are extremely skilled in the use of advanced laser technology.

These simple office treatments are described as feeling like a quick rubber band snap with each pulse. The Enlighten is more effective than other treatment methods, as it can treat a broad range of tattoo pigments. Your experience will ultimately depend on your personal tolerance and the location of your tattoo.

Complete tattoo removal can require multiple treatments, especially if the tattoo is dark, deep, or has several colors. Expect a few days of normal crusting or scabbing of the area after each treatment.

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