Lip Augmentation in Miami

Lip Augmentation


Dermal filler injections for lip enhancement are quite popular with our Miami patients who want the fuller, more sensual lips associated with youth and beauty. Our board-certified dermatologists are known for their expertise with injectables, and at our office in Miami, we use fillers whose unique formulations make them ideal for lip augmentation.

More Than Lip Service

Most people seek lip augmentation to produce soft, full lips that look like the product of good genes. Some people want to add volume and definition to a thin or deflated upper lip. Others want to plump up both lips, either to restore or enhance volume. Our skilled physician injectors understand precisely how dermal fillers work, and which fillers produce the best results for different concerns.

Restylane® Silk is an exciting new filler designed specifically for lip enhancement. It not only adds fullness to the lips, but also smooths the fine lines around the mouth. We also use BELOTERO BALANCE® for soft, natural lip enhancement. JUVÉDERM Ultra XC® is another favorite filler for creating beautiful, naturally volumized lips.

Your Treatment

Our board-certified dermatologists administer all lip augmentation injections, and their precision and artistry produce remarkable results. They customize your treatment to enhance the unique contour of your lips in a way that looks natural and harmonious with your other features.

You will feel only a little pinch upon injection; the fillers we use all come formulated with anesthetic for your comfort. Cold compresses applied immediately after the procedure increase your comfort and help reduce swelling. The treatments take as little as 30 minutes, depending on whether additional areas are treated.

One of the reasons filler injections are so popular is that they require little or no downtime. Some patients may take an afternoon off from work or postpone activities for the remainder of the day if they are concerned about bruising or swelling. Each patient's experience is different, but final results should be visible within a matter of days.

Results last 6 to 12 months, and most patients schedule regular follow-up treatments so they can continue to enjoy their fuller lips indefinitely.

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