Michael Abrouk, MD

Michael Abrouk, MD

Michael Abrouk, MD

Dr. Michael AbroukDr. Michael Abrouk joins us as a Harvard fellowship-trained cosmetic, surgical and general dermatologist and one of the few nationwide dermatologists selected as Newsweek’s Best Cosmetic Dermatologists in America. Dr. Abrouk obtained his bachelor’s degree at University of California Santa Barbara, where he graduated top in his class with numerous awards for his contributions to scientific research and stem cell biology. He received his medical degree from University of California Irvine School of Medicine, where received the highest awards and honors for his significant contributions to both scientific medical research as well as artistic contributions.

During his time in medical school Dr. Abrouk was awarded a prestigious research fellowship at one of the top research institutions in the nation for dermatology clinical trials and research at University of California San Francisco where he completed additional training and was involved with some of the nations most pivotal clinical trials in dermatology. Dr Abrouk then achieved his #1 choice to pursue dermatological training at The University of Miami Department of Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery, where he served as Cosmetic Chief Resident. Subsequently, he underwent specialized training in Lasers and Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery at the Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston with the team that invented most of the lasers on earth. Dr. Abrouk has authored hundreds of scientific research articles, academic poster presentations, book chapters and oral presentations across the nation and served as a reviewer for peer reviewed academic journals.

He is also the recipient of research grant funding for his scientific contributions and delivered a TED talk for his innovative work in dermatology.

For more details, visit Dr. Abrouk’s Professional Accomplishments page.

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