Treatments & Products to Soothe Skin After Summer

After a long, hot, and sunny summer, any dermatologist in Miami will tell you it’s time to get your skin care back in full gear. The most common problems I see in my patients this time of year are ruddiness and hyperpigmentation from excess sun exposure.

It is important to tweak your skincare regimen and incorporate products that soothe and hydrate the skin to address redness or ruddiness. My favorites are this DNA serum and glow p.m.

In addition to good skincare products, I often recommend a series of laser treatments with the Clear + Brilliant® or Perméa® systems. These treatments boost collagen production and help diminish excess pigment, giving the skin a fresh rejuvenated appearance. The great thing about these laser treatments is that there is essentially no downtime, but improvements are significant.

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