For Sun Damage, Don’t Just Stop at the Face

For Sun Damage, Don’t Just Stop at the Face

As a dermatologist , I often have to remind my patients that when it comes to fixing sun damage, “Don’t just stop at the face!” The fine lines, uneven skin tones, sun spots, and broken blood vessels of sun damage are routinely found on the face. But they also appear on other chronically sun-exposed areas, especially the neck, chest, and hands.

Skin aging is best treated with prevention. Daily sunscreen to all sun exposed areas will help ward off signs of age.

But the great news is that technology has advanced so much that the dermatologists at our practice are able to carefully remedy many of these sun damage concerns once they appear.

For fine lines and thin, crepey skin, we recommend periodic fractional laser resurfacing. This helps boost the collagen quality and quantity. Sun spots can be zapped away using q-switched pigment lasers. And vascular lasers can eradicate many of the broken capillaries. We can also use the latest fillers to add back volume to the hands that, when lost, reveals a bony and veiny appearance. Lastly, we often apply ultrasound-focused energy to tighten the skin on the neck and face.

There are different intensities and treatment options that depend on patient need and available downtime. All care is customized. When you have a consultation with one of the dermatologists, we will review the best options for you.

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