Full Benefits, a Fraction of the Downtime

Full Benefits, a Fraction of the Downtime

Until recently, fractional resurfacing procedures gave great results, but typically with 3 to 5 days of downtime. Now, our dermatology practice in Miami can provide the latest in fractional resurfacing with no downtime.

Our new Clear + Brilliant Perméa and Emerge devices use the same technology as the heavier fractional devices, but you can look great in as little as an hour after treatment.

These new fractionals deliver microscopic columns of laser light into the skin to promote collagen growth and epidermal cell turnover. Your doctor will determine which is the appropriate laser for your specialized treatment.

Pair this procedure with glow by dr. brandt™ overnight resurfacing serum and your skin has never looked better. Tight pores, even tone, and glowing skin are just around the corner.

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