Don’t forget about your hands!

Don’t forget about your hands!

Congratulations, you’ve invested in your skin and are taking steps to preserve the beautiful skin you’re in. Your face is wrinkle-free and glowing! Your savvy friends at lunch say you look very well rested, and want to know what you are doing.


And then you reach out to grab the check…. Gasp, look at your hands! They look like your grandmother’s! Liver spots, wrinkles, bony!

aging hands Radiesse

There’s nothing worse than a well-preserved face with “old” looking hands. It signals a mental mismatch message to the brain. The brain thinks, “If her hands look that way, there’s no way her face can look so good naturally!”

The typical aging hand shows age/sun spots, translucent skin, a deflated sunken appearance, prominent veins and tendons, and wrinkled skin.

aging hand grading scale


Luckily, the hands are an easy fix, and it is one of my favorite places to treat because it’s so satisfying!

Aging hands can be rejuvenated with an incredibly easy and safe filler, such as Radiesse.  Radiesse has FDA approval for hand rejuvenation.  The procedure is quite easy and effective, making it very exciting for our patients.  Within 15 minutes, you can leave our office with softer, more youthful looking hands.



Second, the sun spots (also known as liver spots) can be easily treated with a few laser sessions (which can be done the same day as filler).  Skin Associates of South Florida features the latest and best technologies to help target pigmented lesions, including Cynosure Icon IPL, Cutera Enlighten Picosecond laser, Candela Alex TriVantage, and Fraxel 1927 Thulium laser.

Our hands can betray our age – they tell all.  Don’t neglect them!

Dr. Jacquelyn Dosal is a board-certified dermatologist practicing at Skin Associates of South Florida.  She is also voluntary assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Miami.

For more information and before and after photos, see link (pdf)

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