A Better Method for Injections

A Better Method for Injections

As a Miami dermatologist, I know that noticeable side effects like bruising and swelling are a concern for many people considering injectable fillers. My patients are always relieved when I tell them that I offer a special injection technique developed by Dr. Frederic Brandt called Can-Ulift that minimizes the telltale signs of treatment. With the Can-Ulift approach, injections with dermal fillers are better and more comfortable than before.

What is the Can-Ulift technique?

The Can-Ulift technique is an injection method developed specifically to reduce unwanted side effects after dermal filler treatment. The secret is a special blunt-tip microcannula that is used to insert the filler gently under the skin without damaging the nearby blood vessels. Can-Ulift is suitable for most popular filler products, including Perlane®, RADIESSE®, Restylane®, and JUVÉDERM®.

How does it work?

Traditional injection methods distribute fillers under the skin with a thin needle. This can be problematic because the needle’s sharp tip can wound blood vessels, resulting in a bruise. The Can-Ulift microcannula has a blunt tip that bypasses underlying skin structures so they are left unharmed.

What is the procedure like?

Can-Ulift injections are very simple and quick, just like traditional injection techniques. Because the microcannula does not puncture the skin, a very small point of entry must first be made with a thin needle. From here, the microcannula is easily inserted under the skin and the filler is slowly administered to provide the appropriate degree of volume.

What are the benefits?

Some advantages of the Can-Ulift technique are less bruising, swelling, and bleeding after treatment. In addition, I find that the microcannula provides me with more control over the filler placement, which results in greater precision and a natural-looking finish.

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