Current Studies

Current Studies

Current Studies

Skin Research Institute conducts pivotal clinical trials for multi-national pharmaceutical, Biomedical and medical device companies.

Diabetic Neuropathy Study

If you have been diagnosed with type I or type II diabetes and are experiencing pain in your feet or legs, please inquire about a clinical study currently enrolling in Coral Gables.

Moderate to Severe Acne Study

If you have moderate to severe acne, please inquire about an ongoing clinical trial.

Keloid Scars Study

If you or someone you know would be interested in taking part in a trial to treat keloid scars, please contact us.

Underarm sweating Study

Please contact us for information regarding a study to treat underarm sweating..

If you want to be considered for future studies, please call or text us at:

305.444.5770 or send an email.

Compensation provided

call or text 305.444.5770 to schedule your appointment.

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