What Causes Acne On Certain Parts Of Your Face

What Causes Acne On Certain Parts Of Your Face

By |February 1st, 2023|Practice News, Skin Care|

Breaking Down Breakouts: What Causes Acne On Certain Parts Of Your Face

Dermatologists explain what can contribute to problem areas, from your forehead to your chin.

By Carrie Berk – Huffpost

What Causes Acne Jacquelyn DosalDr. Jacquelyn Dosal, a board-certified dermatologist at Skin Associates of South Florida, attributes lower jaw acne to a common behavior you may not be conscious of. “While sitting at a desk, people will often rest their chin in their hand,” Dosal explained. “Not only does that deposit bacteria to the skin, but the pressure and compression that come from resting your head in your hand create more blockage of the oil glands, leading to backup and pimples.”

If you break out on your forehead …

… make sure that your hair products stick to only your strands. “One of the biggest modifiable factors can be making sure hair products such as hairspray, dry shampoo and gel don’t spray on to the forehead,” Dosal said. Ingredients catered specifically to hair are likely to not have the same benefits on skin.

Additionally, Dosal advises to be cautious of hats and helmets worn near the forehead. The heat and friction caused by wearing a hat blocks hair follicles, which may result in acne. Try wearing loose hats that don’t rub up against your skin, and make sure to wash hats and wipe down helmets at least once a week.

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