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Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment Miami

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Cellfina™ Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina is the only FDA-cleared, minimally invasive procedure clinically proven to treat the structural causes of cellulite.


Cellulite has long been one of the most difficult to treat concerns in aesthetic medicine. Today, we know that the root cause of cellulite is fibrous bands that travel through the fat and insert into the undersurface of the skin. This understanding has led to an impressive new solution. Cellfina is an FDA-cleared cellulite treatment that we're pleased to offer our Miami patients. Skin Associates of South Florida is among the first sites to offer this revolutionary treatment, with the first patients in our practice treated by Dr. Jeremy Green in November 2015. With a simple, straightforward procedure, we can disrupt the structure of cellulite and give the skin smooth, even contours.

Enduring Smoothness

To understand how Cellfina works, it's important to understand how cellulite is formed. Fibrous bands of connective tissue, called septae, pull on skin from below to form dimples. Cellfina uses an extraordinarily small microblade to selectively release these bands just beneath the skin through very small incisions. The treatment requires only local anesthesia and very little downtime.

In its pivotal FDA trail, Cellfina's results were shown to last for at least 2 years, and preliminary review of the original patients treated shows the results lasting more than 3 years.

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Your Treatment

Cellfina is performed as an outpatient treatment, and most procedures take about an hour. Your treatment is administered by Jeremy Green MD. He places the Cellfina treatment panel, which uses suction to target the area. He then uses a very fine needle to inject a local anesthetic. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, your dermatologist inserts Cellfina's precise microblade just beneath your skin and moves it in a fanning motion, allowing it to release the septae causing your dimpling. During this time, patients feel the suction of the device but remain quite comfortable.

After treatment, you may wish to spend the remainder of the day resting at home, although many patients feel well enough to return to work and other light activities. Some mild and temporary soreness and bruising are typical. Most will notice visible improvements shortly after treatment. Typically, women who undergo Cellfina may return to more strenuous activities, including lower body exercise, after a few days. Please call to schedule your complimentary Cellfina consultation at Skin Associates of South Florida today.

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