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Age Spots – What They Are and How to Treat Them

age spots dermatologist

The name is unflattering and their appearance is unsightly. Age spots (solar lentigines, medically) are also known as liver spots and sun spots, but whatever their name, you want them gone. What are age spots? They are painless, flat discolorations of the skin, usually brown, black, or gray, that most often occur…

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White Wine Increases Skin Inflammation in Women


A new report in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology confirms what your board-certified dermatologists at Skin Associates of South Florida have suggested to our patients for years: consumption of alcohol, particularly white wine and liquor, can increase the risk of rosacea in women.

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Sleep and Your Skin

sleep and your skin

Sleep. Most of us say we don’t—or really, can’t—get enough. Either the demands on our time mean we scrimp on our sleep to fulfill work, parental or social responsibilities, or we try to sleep and lie there staring at the ceiling hour after hour.

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Sun Damage: What Can You Do About It?

dermatologist sun damage laser treatment

Sun Damage Laser Treatment In our last post, we outlined the skin issues caused by sun exposure. Once this discoloration appears, it can be alarming and something you want to fix. Are there ways to improve the appearance of these skin concerns? Yes!

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